Tips For Safe Propane Use

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Propane is a safe, affordable way to heat your home and business and use for cooking, especially in areas of the country where natural gas isn't available. However, its use does require proper care and maintenance on your part. Here is what you need to know about using propane safely.

Don't Run Out

When your propane company reminds you not to run out of gas, it isn't just a marketing ploy; running out of propane can be dangerous. When propane runs out, the pilot lights on your stove and water heater will go out, but gas still remains in the lines, which means you could potentially have a gas leak. It the valves are not turned off and then the tanks are refilled, a leak could result. An empty tank means moisture and air can enter the tank, which will lead to rusting, and that corrosion can eventually cause a leak.

The rust can also interfere with the scent that is added to propane, which is naturally odorless. A scent is added so one is alerted to the presence of the gas, which prevents accidents. Setting up a regular delivery schedule based on your average usage will ensure you never run out. Your propane supplier can set you up on a schedule that works for you.

Install A Propane Detector

Just as you can buy carbon monoxide and fire detectors, you can also buy a propane detector. This is especially important for those who aren't able to smell the presence of propane. Have a propane professional install the detector. They can decide where the best area is to install. You may also need to have more than one detector if you use propane in several areas of your home or business.

Handle Tanks Carefully

Propane tanks should never be used inside the home or business. They must always be stored outside, away from the house or any other building structures.

Don't leave smaller tanks, such as those you buy for your grill or to transport to your cabin, enclosed in the back of your vehicle. Temperature extremes could cause a tank explosion.Be sure to secure any tanks you are transporting so they aren't rolling around, clanking against things for the same reason.

If you smell propane, it's possible you are close to running out or have a leak in the system somewhere. Extinguish all flames and immediately evacuate the building. Call a propane company, like John Graves Propane of Arizona, INC., to have them come and check out what is going on.


21 November 2017

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